What Happens Once My Form I-129F for Fiance Visa is Approved by USCIS?

     Once the petition has been approved, and forwarded to the consulate listed on the petition, you will need to contact the consulate with any questions about the visa issuance, or if you would now like them to forward the petition to a different consulate.  The petitioner can also file Form 1-824, Application  for Action  on  an Approved Application  or  Petition, to request that USCIS notify another consulate of the petition approval for visa processing purposes. 

      After approval by the Consulate and issuance of the fiancé visa, the fiancé enters the U.S. based on this visa and will be admitted for ninety (90) days in order to marry the petitioner. After the marriage, the spouse can file for adjustment of status to permanent residence, green card.

     If the petitioner and the fiancé[e) do not marry within these 90 days, status will expire, and he or she will be in violation if he or she does not depart.  An extension cannot be granted. In addition,  the petitioner should inform his or her local USCIS office if he or she determines that the marriage will not take place within the 90 day period.

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