How Old Must A Child Be To Sign Their Own USCIS Immigration Forms?

    As an Immigration Attorney I am often asked when a child is able to sign an USCIS Form?  The general rule is that applicants and petitioners must sign their respective applications and petitions. The signature must be an original signature. Parents and legal guardians may sign for children under age 14. Legal guardians may sign for individuals who are incompetent to sign. In such cases, the filing must include evidence of parentage or legal guardianship if not otherwise required for the immigration benefit being sought.

    In the case of E-Filings, electronic signature rules apply to forms filed electronically in accordance with the instructions on the form.

  Attorneys and accredited representatives filing any petition or immigration benefit application on behalf of petitioners and applicants must sign Form G-28, Notice of Appearance, and include the original version along with the applicable filing. The petitioner or immigration benefit applicant or his or her legal guardian for children under age 14 must sign the Form G-28 in the original.  

Last Reviewed/Updated: 02/21/2014


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